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    • Information about us

    Information about us

    Nowadays, the use of wireless headphones, smart watches, bluetooth speakers and other electronic products is gradually becoming more frequent. Jiangxi Xiangkuo Technology Co., Ltd. was established. in 2021. It is a local e-commerce company with greater impact. Since its establishment, its adherence principle has been: Hope to use high-quality products and services to bring happiness and satisfaction to customers' life and work.Our products are mainly electronic products.Currently, we mainly focus on wireless headphones, smart and other electronic products will also be launched . VN Giimall is our sub-brand, it already has a relatively complete range of product specifications and types, and the price is also affordable. Voffov is a sub-brand of us.

    Our contact information: Mobile number: +86 13714235560 Whatsapp: +1 (423) 8200474

    Company address: No. 100, Shanghai Zhuangyuan Road, Nanchang County, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, Room 201, Building 139


    Our mission

    We are a group of passionate people who will never get tired of continuing to develop and provide customers with the most high-end products while maintaining reasonable prices. Quality at reasonable price is our core value. You can contact us for more information.