About Us

Shandong Ruiyu Battery Co., Ltd., originally founded in 1980, is one of the earliest companies specializing in lead-acid accumulators for automotive start-up. With the deepening of China's reform and opening up, it underwent the stockholding system reforms and officially set up in 2001.
Over the years, always committing itself to satisfying the needs of society, in pursuit of high taste and high performance in product quality, and inspired by the quality policy of “scientific management, quality orientation, customer satisfaction, community service, continual improvement, unceasing development, full participation, brand building”, the company has constantly conducted technological innovations and transformations for continuous self-improvement and has become a modern enterprise of a certain scale in the domestic battery industry.
After 20 years of long and arduous hard work, the company has accumulated a wealth of practical experience from the battery design and development to manufacturing. Through technological changes and innovations, it has the unparalleled advancement and reliability than other manufacturers in dry-charged performance and cycle life of batteries, making its products with strong competitive advantages in the current and future markets.
In recent years, the company has accelerated the pace of enterprise restructuring. While enlarging the investment dynamics in lead-acid battery for automotive start-up, it newly built Lead Industry Company and Injection Molding Company to compose a modern industrial system of Ruiyu Enterprise with Plate Company and Assembly Company. It mainly produces the products of 45 specifications in three series of dry-charged lead-acid battery plates, maintenance-free lead-acid battery plates, and valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery plates. The company has the modern, reliable and large-scale battery production capacities and also the capabilities in production, testing and analysis of electrolytic leads and lead-based Ca/Tin/Al alloys.
The Company implements the systematic and scientific modernized enterprise management. It passed the certification of ISO9001: 2000 International Quality System in 2001, and that of ISO14001: 2004 International Environment Management System in 2006, as well as the double international Certifications of ANSI RAB and UKAS of rigorous assessment and high credibility. Its products passed the certification of China Quality Certification Center (CQC), “Ruiyu” were rated as “Shandong Famous Trademark” and “Shandong Famous Brand”, and “Ruiyu” batteries were granted as “National Inspection-free Products”. The company was awarded the national honorary titles such as “High-tech Enterprise”, “First Award of Innovative Achievements in Enterprise Management Modernization”, “Enterprise Technology Center of Shandong Province”, and “Quality Management Award in Shandong Province”